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Our school bookstore is open daily; uniforms, knives, and other neccessary tools are available on site. Due to our participation in Amazon.com's Associates Program we are able to provide our students and web visitors the opportunity to purchase books from our site. All purchases and shipments will be handled directly through Amazon.com. Any questions you have concerning your order should be directed to Amazon.com.

We also have a shop with CafePress, where you can purchase tshirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, cookie jars, and a number of other JNA branded items. Check out the JNA Chef Shop @ The Bookstore.

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Our Amazon.com Shopping Lists

FS-1XX thru FS-3xx
All Culinary Classes
Professional Cooking
GE-100 Business Mathematics GE-200 Business English
GE-500 The History of World Cuisines
Discovering Global Cuisines: Traditional Flavors and Techniques ISBN:0135113482
AM-201 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
Introduction to Hospitality (7th Edition)
FM-203 Basic Cost Control for Food Service Managers
ManageFirst: Controlling Foodservice Costs w/ Answer Sheet, 2nd Edition
HR-202 Food Service Supervision HR-203 Hospitality & Restaurant Management
ManageFirst: Hospitality and Restaurant Management ISBN: 0132116138
OM-201 Food service Sanitation
ServSafe Coursebook (7th edition) ISBN: 0134764234
OM-202 Nutrition for the Food service Manager OM-203 Managing Service
ManageFirst: Customer Service ISBN: 0132179326
OM-205 Managing Food Service Facilities & Equipment
OM-206 Bar & Beverage Management OM-207 Catering Menu Managment
Off-Premise Catering Management ISBN:0470889713
MM-202 Introduction to Marketing
ManageFirst: Hospitality & Restaurant Marketing ISBN: 0132181665