Transfer Credit Policy

Experiential Credit and Prior Work Experience

Verified work experience of two or more years may be submitted for consideration of transfer credits for laboratory-based/practical courses offered at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts (FS-X99 & WE-X00 courses). The work experience must be verified by a third-party and meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. There must be no less than 2 years, or 24 months, of culinary work experience in total, over a period no longer than four (4) years.

  2. The work experience must involve duties that are the same or like those performed by prep or line cook, sous, or head chef to be considered for transfer credit.

All work experience submitted for transfer credit will undergo an independent third-party verification, as defined by accreditation and state policies and procedures. Submission of work experience for consideration of transfer credits represents the applicant’s acknowledgment of and consent to the adherence of policies in place at the time of their submission.

No requests will be considered after the start of classes. Students will be granted up to 14 units of credit for the Food Service Training Diploma Program and up to 31 units of credit for the Associate in Specialized Technology Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management program for coursework completed at any institution or any combination of institutions and experiential credit.