Stocks And Sauces

Learners will prepare stocks and ingredients used in making stock and learn the function of stock in making sauces and soups. Stocks are often called the chef's “building blocks” as they form the base for many soups and sauces and are cooked from a combination of vegetables, seasonings, bones, and liquids.

The course helps the learners build-essential cooking skills like blanching bones, preparing them to cool, and degreasing stock. Saucier skills are further added to the learner, including studying and cooking different kinds of sauces and matching prominent sauces to the dish.

Learning Approaches

JNA Institute has organized teaching approaches into three categories. All the methods have various significant features. Students can pursue their passion and skills as a successful career with the method that best suits them.


This approach is teacher-centered—when students are enrolled, there will be an instructor available virtually to guide them in your scheduled classes. Through these lectures, students can learn with direct instructions and assessments. Additionally, credits earned through certificate classes will help you achieve a professional cook certificate.


It will include both self-learning and teacher-led classes. The schedule will be available with 5 hours of direct interaction classes taught by qualified instructors. This course is beneficial if you want to assess your performance and gain practical knowledge directly from an instructor.


Online classes are taught via a student-centered approach. The performance will be assessed based on class participation, completing all the modules online, and performing activities outlined in the syllabi.

  • Duration 50 Hours